We are a group of friends-workers harmoniously united by the conviction that at the base of any initiative, path or goal there is the need to love, love, love and be at peace with the world.

We are sure that this need of ours is shared by many other people who, even if not physically or geographically close to us, can be equally so, thanks to modern technological tools and the internet.

Our dream is to create through the Internet, a great virtual community based on sharing the mission "Te Quiero Mucho": to love and above all to love oneself. How can we live in serenity with everyone if we are not at peace with ourselves?

From this awareness comes every product, every collection, every initiative that will donate part of the receipts to those who are less fortunate.

Therefore, part of the proceeds of each of our products will be destined for a good action, reported from time to time.